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Other Ceremonies for Couples

Mindful ceremony can help us to integrate change in our lives. it can also empower us to understand our life process. It can replace possible isolation or confusion about change with community and clarity.  Fees vary for these services. I am available for either consultation and/or officiating. I offer special pricing for engagement, shower, or house blessing ceremonies booked with a wedding.

Engagement Ceremonies

Traditionally, engagement or betrothal ceremonies can carry baggage associated with dowries and family choice rather than celebrating the engaged couple's love and joy. Yet, an engagement is a time of change for both the couple and the family. A ceremony can celebrate the introduction of the families and the couple's journey toward their wedding as a conscious and deliberate act.

Bridal Showers or Bachelor Ceremonies

There are already many fun rituals shared by women and men as part of their preparation for marriage. Some of these rituals may not be your style or facilitate the kind of sharing that you would like to have with your friends. I collaborate with future brides and grooms for alternative shower and party activities that may be more meaningful for them.


A ceremony to mark a special passage of time in a committed relationship (5, 10, 15, 25, 50 years) can be a gift both to the couple and to those who gather to honor them.

Celebrating Life's Passages

Each of life’s moments is significant, given how amazing it is that we are even alive! Some moments get our attention a little more, and we realize that we want to celebrate and honor a newborn child, a new job, a milestone birthday, an anniversary, a job loss, a death.  Click the logo below to talk to Judith about custom ceremonies.

Heartland Life Ceremonies

"Judith created the exact ceremony we were looking for. It was very personal and about 'us'! We knew from our first meeting that she was the person we wanted to marry us."

Other Transitions that can be Enhanced by Ceremony

  • New Home
  • Becoming Parents
  • Empty Nest
  • Becoming Grandparents
  • Retirement
  • Living with an Illness
  • Recovery from an Illness

Vow Renewals

A vow renewal can be part of an anniversary ceremony. It can also mark a renewed commitment following a time of trial or separation, or simply recognize the experience of falling in love all over again. Vow renewals can represent your need or want to commit to each other again.

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