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Hal Dessel

Hal Dessel

What led you to be a wedding officiant?

My wife, Judith Kubish, started doing personalized weddings in 2006.  To support her in this new endeavor, I would help set up her sound system at different venues.  I also listened to her ceremonies and found them very beautiful.

Very shortly, she was comfortable and expert at preparing her celebrations and I no longer provided back-up.  In three years, she had a full schedule and was unable to be available for all the couples who contacted her.

We were talking one day about how many weddings she turned down.  It was as many if not more than she actually did, since couples were asking for the same dates for which she was already committed.

Which got me thinking:  I had officiated at weddings when I was a Catholic priest; I had also counseled couples as a psychotherapist.  I highly value marriage; next to one’s birth, one’s wedding day is the most important day in a person’s life.  The choice of one’s life companion is the basis for everything else that will follow such as children, house, lifestyle, etc.

"Thank you for playing the most vital role on our wedding day and marrying us!  We had a great time planning the ceremony and getting to know you. Thank you for your attention-to-detail and ensuring our ceremony was a true reflection of us and our vision.  Sincerely, Holly and Aaron"

I have a deep appreciation for ceremony and one’s personal life journey.  And I have the skills to create and deliver a custom celebration.  So when Judith and I talked about my being her associate, it was a resounding “yes” from both of us.

I have been officiating at weddings since 2013.  Judith and I  also officiate together for couples who want the unique experience of a married couple co-creating and facilitating the ceremony. Every ceremony has been an honor and a delight.

I am proud and happy  to create personalized, customized ceremonies.  Judith and I share the same mission:  your relationship, your ceremony; one of a kind.

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