“Your relationship, your ceremony… one of a kind.”

Welcome and congratulations on your engagement!  Now that you are planning and preparing for your wedding day, you are facing  the previously uncharted territory of finding an officiant.  You are not certain, yet, what you want your ceremony to be like. You are discovering that you have some choices both about ‘who” and “what”. 

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Are you looking for a ceremony which is so reflective of you that it seems like you wrote it yourselves?  Do you want to give yourselves and your guests a sustaining and renewing memory to carry in your hearts?  Do you want to feel relaxed, at ease, confident and united as you say “I do”, because you are being guided through the ceremony by someone who holds your desires first and foremost?  Working with Judith Kubish, we collaborate in choosing the words, symbols, and rituals that reflect you.  We make your day and your celebration radiant with your love.

Your custom designed wedding ceremony takes place at the location of your choice. I travel within the greater Milwaukee area (and sometimes beyond). My fees vary due to the custom nature of ceremony planning services and your choice of a wedding package. For more information, please see Services and Fees. If you want to check my availability for your date, you can contact me now.

If your experience of marriage ceremonies has typically been in a church context, you may think that your needs and desires are secondary to a prescribed or traditional form. That is not how it must be. I honor and respect your values and perspectives. I will interact with you to discover and communicate what is important and unique to you for your ceremony. Also see Secular, Religious, Spiritual, Nondenominational, Interfaith, Multicultural below.

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I am delighted to work with couples who want to engage in that kind of personal and creative process. I am an officiant particularly suitable for you if you do not find your home in a particular church, yet do not want only a judicial ceremony or  cut–and-paste options.  If you want a custom-designed, creative ceremony that includes at its heart your love story and relationship, your spirits, and your minds, with expression that is meaningful to you and that will touch your guests, please continue to explore the information on this site or contact me now. It will be an honor for me to celebrate you. Read more about my philosophy and background at My Ceremonies.

Thank you for the wonderful wedding ceremony.  It was the single thing that we received the most compliments for.  We loved how you took so much time to work with us and capture both cultures and incorporate them into the ceremony.  We really enjoyed working with you.

Love, Molly and Amit

Personal and Custom-Designed

When I advertise a personal and custom-designed wedding ceremony, I mean it. Yes, there are traditional elements that can be part of a wedding ceremony. These elements - like the processional, vow statements, and ring exchange - are traditional because they are time tested expressions of the transition to marriage and the couple's commitment to each other. However, your experience, style, and creativity can guide the way in which these traditional elements are used. Your culture or your affinity with aspects of another culture can also provide options which are meaningful for you.

The tone you desire will shape your ceremony: intimate, light, formal, casual. We will discuss how you want to feel and how you want your guests to feel at and after your ceremony. Your ceremony is designed with these wishes in mind.

Most importantly, your love story and relationship are the heart and soul of planning the ceremony. Each of you and the couple you form are unique. The way in which you celebrate your commitment to each other deserves to express you.


Secular, Religious, Spiritual, Nondenominational, Interfaith, Multicultural

We live in a time of diversity and inclusion. As an interfaith minister and lifelong spiritual seeker, I welcome and rejoice in the opportunity to recognize the many ways to share meaning. You may find that the ceremony you desire incorporates one or more of these marriage ceremony styles:

  • Secular ceremonies express meaning through literature, psychology or social convention. They do not make reference to a divine being or particular religious symbols or statements.
  • Religious ceremonies use prayer, ritual, and symbols of a chosen religion (Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, etc.) to designate desired meaning.
  • Spiritual ceremonies are often inspired by particular religions and/or a broader sense of spirit in nature, the human enterprise, and social relationships like family and friendship.
  • Nondenominational services express meaning through a particular belief system, like Christianity, but not a particular denomination (Catholic, Presbyterian, etc.).
  • Interfaith ceremonies combine words, symbols, and rituals from different religious or spiritual traditions: Buddhist-Christian; Hindu-Islamic, etc.
  • Multicultural ceremonies use song, dance, poetry, traditions common to particular ethnic groups, either because of family origin in these groups or the value of these expressions to the couple.

Your ceremony may include elements of any of the above, alone or combined.


Your Choice, Your Voice, Your Ceremony

This is the motto of the Celebrant USA Foundation from which I received my certification as a wedding minister and with which I am proudly affiliated. A meaningful ceremony is your right. How you wish to express that meaning is your choice. My goal is to collaborate with you to design and facilitate a ceremony that is “truly yours” in every aspect.

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